Will August Smart Lock fit?

August Smart Lock Pro is highly compatible and easy to install. The smart lock doesn’t work with all types of locks, however. If you have a mortise, rim cylinder, Medeco, or Mul-t-Lock, the August Smart Lock Pro probably won’t work with your door.

Currently, August Smart Locks are only compatible with single cylinder deadbolts.

Kwikset (not compatible with low-profile versions)

  • Signature Series 780.
  • Signature Series 980.
  • Signature Series 993.
  • Signature Series Austin.
  • Signature Series 909.
  • Signature Series 598.
  • Signature Series 158.
  • Signature Series 816.

Subsequently, question is, does August Smart Lock need WiFi? The August smartlock (August Smart Lock) does not require a WiFi connection, and continues to function even if the power goes out. From what they said, the lock only communicates with the app on your smart phone.

Also know, can you manually unlock August Smart Lock?

Yes, you can use a physical key from the original deadbolt to lock and unlock your door even when you have an August Smart Lock installed. The August Smart Lock retrofits to an existing deadbolt on the interior side of the door.

How does August Smart Lock work?

Simply put, the August Smart Lock is a device that uses wireless technology to allow you to lock or unlock any door in your house via your smartphone. It installs directly into any existing deadbolt in your home and you control it via an app on your phone or via a web application.

How do you remove a August lock?

Removing the existing lock Open the August App and navigate to the lock in the keychain. Go to the guest list and select the contact and then choose REMOVE SELF.

Why does my august lock beep?

By default, August Smart Locks make sounds when locking and unlocking the door. Tap the gear icon on the Lock Circle screen to open the Settings Menu. Select the Lock Settings for the relevant device. Toggle Lock Sounds On/Off depending on your preference for sound or no sound.

How do I install August Smart Lock?

How to Install the Lock Prepare your existing deadbolt. Use the supplied adhesive strip to hold the keyed side of the lock in place. Remove your existing thumb-latch. Prepare the Mounting Plate. Attach the Mounting Plate. Choose your adapter. Attach the Correct Adapter. Open the wing latches. Attach the August Smart Lock Pro.

What is the difference between a mortise lock and cylindrical lock?

Unlike their counterpart, cylindrical locks are much easier to install. With a mortise lock you have to cut out part of the door to install the lock correctly. There’s none of that with a cylindrical lock. In fact, on average, a cylindrical lock only takes between 15 and 30 minutes to install.

Can August Smart Lock be used outdoors?

August Doorbell Cameras and the Smart Keypad are typically installed on the exterior of the home and they are suitable for outdoor use. August Smart Locks and August Connect are installed on the interior of the door and are not intended for outdoor use.

Does August Smart Lock work with Schlage?

Yes! In fact, August recommends the Primus Core or the Schlage B560 if you want a high-security deadbolt that works with an August Smart Lock Pro.

How safe is August Smart Lock?

The auto-lock feature of the August smart lock is very reliable. Unfortunately, it’s so simple that anything less than 99.9% reliability would be embarrassing. Be careful though, because it’s not a very smart feature.

How do you reset a August lock?

Factory reset instructions On your phone, open the August App and go to the lock circle screen, which is the screen that shows you whether your door is locked or unlocked. Select the Settings menu (gear icon). Select the device you wish to reset. Scroll to factory reset. Select “Reset Lock”.

Can you have two August smart locks?

For total integration and really allows you to enjoy everything August has to offer. You can connect as many August Locks as you want with the Bridge and/or HomeKit. You just need to “label” their location, ie Front Door, Back Door, Kitchen, etc. One connect should be enough for both multiple locks.

What is August Smart Lock?

August Smart Lock. Your smartphone is now a smart key—and more. Lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests, and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your iOS or Android smartphone.

How does August auto unlock work?

August uses two states to enable Auto-Unlock to function: Home mode, and Away mode. These modes indicate where Auto-Unlock thinks you are: at home, or away from home. When you are at home (in Home mode), Auto-Unlock is not actively doing anything. It is waiting until you leave home.