Who won the Formula E race in Hong Kong?

(CNN) Edoardo Mortara was eventually crowned the winner of the Hong Kong E Prix after yet another dramatic end to a Formula E race. The Venturi driver had initially reached the chequered flag in second place but provisional winner Sam Bird was subsequently handed a five-second time penalty for an earlier altercation.

Lucas di Grassi

Beside above, is Formula E faster than Formula 1? F1 cars are still much faster than Formula E’s chargers. World champion Lewis Hamilton clocked his top speed of 2015 when his Mercedes peaked at 225 mph (362 kph) at the Mexico Grand Prix. Formula E cars can hit top speeds of 140 mph (225 kph). Formula E is the world’s first fully electric racing series.

Also to know, who Won Formula E 2019?

Jean-Éric Vergne

How many races are there in Formula E season?

Formula E has raced in 22 cities in 17 countries across five continents and has seen 13 global manufactures compete in the series.


Round 5
Race Hong Kong
Pole position Stoffel Vandoorne
Winning driver Edoardo Mortara
Winning team Venturi Formula E Team

How long does a Formula E race last?

50 minutes

How far do Formula E cars go?

Powered by electricity, the vehicles use no liquid fuel and produce no emissions, and that is the least impressive thing about them. Formula E cars can go from zero to 60 in three seconds and reach top speeds around 140 miles per hour, more than enough for the winding street circuits where they compete.

Do Formula E cars have gears?

Gears: Electric cars do not necessarily need gears. Formula E racing cars do, however, use a gearbox to make the most efficient use of the power delivered from the battery via the motor. During the first Formula E season, all teams used a five-speed gearbox. Some teams have chosen to keep the original five gears.

What is Formula E attack mode?

Innovative New Addition To Race Format ABB FIA Formula E Championship Attack Mode is a concept intended to introduce an element of strategy and non-conservation into each E-Prix, following the de facto removal of pitstops as a result of the new-for-2018/19 Spark SRT05e.

How do Formula E cars recharge?

Enel X provides the DC fast chargers that every Formula E team uses to recharge the 54kWh batteries in each of its two race cars. This can only be done at specific times during the event, with the rules restricting charging during qualifying, the race, and any time the cars are in what’s called parc fermé.

How much does a Formula E car cost?

It’ll cost you roughly from $200,000 to $289,000. Every model has an identical chassis and battery, so the value may be driven more by victories, sentiment, and collector demand. Formula E isn’t officially marketing the cars; news is getting around by word of mouth.

How heavy is a Formula E car?

The original battery specifications included a 200 kg (440 lb) cell-weight limit, a 200 kW peak power limit, and a maximum usable energy of 28 kWh. For the 2018-2019 season, the specifications for the battery are a weight of 250 kg (551 pounds) and 54 kWh energy, and peak power goes up to 250 kW.

Where is the next Formula E race?

Follow all the action from every race of the new ABB FIA Formula E Championship across the BBC. The sixth season, which began with a double-header in the Saudi Arabian city of Ad Diriyah on 22-23 November, will reach its conclusion with two races in London in July 2020.

Where is Formula E based?

FIA Formula E Championship Formula E Based London, UK Inaugural Season 2014/15 No. Races 58 Supports Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy

What teams are in Formula E?

Meet the heroes behind the helmets and find out more about the teams and manufacturers in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. AUDI SPORT ABT SCHAEFFLER. All Time Stats. BMW i ANDRETTI MOTORSPORT. All Time Stats. DS TECHEETAH. All Time Stats. ENVISION VIRGIN RACING. GEOX DRAGON. MAHINDRA RACING. MERCEDES-BENZ EQ. NIO 333.

Is Formula E spec series?

S?top calling Formula E a spec series – it’s just close racing in badass cars. F2 is a spec series – with every car supplied by Dallara. Formula One and WEC aren’t spec series, as different manufacturers make different elements of the cars. Indycar isn’t a spec series, as it’s got multiple different engine suppliers.

Who makes Formula E chassis?

The cars are manufactured by the French company Spark Racing Technology with a consortium of some of the leading companies in motorsports. Dallara, calling upon its forty years of experience, constructed the monocoque chassis with carbon fiber and aluminum.

What channel is Formula E on?

The BBC is to broadcast every race of the 2019/20 Formula E season, with two races shown live on BBC television. Each of the 14 rounds of the all-electric series’ sixth season will be shown live on the BBC’s online platforms: BBC iPlayer, the Red Button service and the BBC Sport website.

Who is the managing director and CTO of Envision Virgin Racing?

Sylvain Filippi