Who makes Justin wine?

Former investment banker Justin Baldwin and his wife, Deborah, founded Justin in 1981. The couple purchased land in Paso Robles and planted a 65-acre vineyard. They made their first wine in 1987 and production has increased to 50,000 cases a year. Its flagship wine, Isosceles, earned the No.

Nearly all of the wines produced come from their certified organic estate vineyard. We were especially fond of the Esprit de Tablas Blanc and Esprit de Tablas. We look forward to enjoying these wine around the dinner table with friends. Our final stop brought us back to JUSTIN.

Also Know, what kind of wine is Justin? When JUSTIN first planted cabernet sauvignon grapes in the Santa Lucia Mountains, Paso Robles wasn’t even on the wine lover’s map. Thirty-five years later, JUSTIN is recognized as the pioneer of award-winning Bordeaux-style wines on California’s Central Coast.

Beside this, who is the owner of Justin Winery?

Stewart Resnick

How much is Justin wine?

$35 per person. JUSTIN Wine Society Members enjoy complimentary tours and tastings for 4 people total.

How much is wine at Costco?

Costco’s private-label wines are arguably the best deal on vino that you can find anywhere. Most reds and whites are priced between $6 and $8.

How many wineries Paso Robles?

200 wineries

How old is Justin Baldwin?

Driven by passion and a pursuit of quality, Justin Baldwin has amassed an art collection as big and bold as his 32-year-old winery.