What year is you can’t take it with you set in?

Moss Hart


who wrote the play you can’t take it with you? Moss Hart George S. Kaufman

People also ask, what is the theme of you can’t take it with you?

You Can’t Take It with You is a situational farce that reflects its time. It presents a reaction to the struggles that filled the minds of Americans during the Great Depression. The title indicates one theme of the play: Accumulation of wealth is useless when it goes beyond immediate happiness.

Who is the protagonist in you can’t take it with you?

Character Role Analysis Jimmy Stewart is always the protagonist.)

Where is can’t take it with you set?

The story takes place entirely in the large house of a slightly batty New York City family. Various characters in the lives of the Vanderhof-Sycamore-Carmichael clan are introduced in the first act.