What is the setting of the goldfish boy?

The Goldfish Boy is both a compassionate story about a boy struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder, and a proper whodunnit mystery. This closed circle mystery, which takes place entirely on one suburban street, is full of clues, suspects, red herrings and real evidence.

Twelve-year-old Matthew got the nickname THE GOLDFISH BOY because he spends all his time in his bedroom, too afraid to go outside. His obsessive compulsive disorder makes him afraid that he’ll bring in germs from the outside world that will make his loved ones sick and possibly die.

One may also ask, what happened to Teddy in the goldfish boy? In the book The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson, Matthew is a lonely boy with a germ phobia who spends his time in his room washing, cleaning and looking out the window; watching as life in his neighborhood goes by. Matt leaves the window and then Teddy disappears.

In respect to this, who took Teddy in the goldfish boy?

Matthew witnesses Casey pushing Teddy into Mr. Charles’ pond and manages to summon help from his window. In retaliation, Casey nicknames Matthew “Goldfish Boy” after his habit of staring through the glass. One day, sometime after 12:55 p.m., Teddy goes missing.

What is the genre of the goldfish boy?

Fiction Mystery

What is the theme of goldfish boy?

Not only does it deliver on the story front, The Goldfish Boy shines a light on many mature themes such as loss, death, and struggling with personal flaws that is rarely done with such skill from books aimed at that age range.

Who wrote The Goldfish boy?

Lisa Thompson

How many pages are in the goldfish boy?

By Lisa Thompson Genre Fiction ISBN 13 9781338053920 Format Hardcover Book Pages 320

When was the goldfish Boy published?

January 5, 2017