What is the razor tool in Premiere?

Essentially, the Adobe Premiere Razor tool allows you to split a clip in the timeline, without altering the clip’s position. The clip itself is unchanged, but each of the clip segments have new In and Out points. You can find the Razor tool in Premiere’s main Tools panel, or press the C key to select it.

The razor tool is used to cut a clip in the timeline into two separate clips. Click on the clip at the point where you want the cut to be made.

Secondly, how do I remove the razor tool in Premiere? Re: Remove Razor Cut Just Select that second sub-clip, and Delete it. Click on the Tail of the first sub-clips, and drag it to the point, where the Tail of the second sub-clip (the one that we Deleted) was.

Similarly, what is the slip tool in Premiere?

Slip Tool The purpose of the slip tool is to let you simultaneously change the In and Out points of a clip within your timeline. You can make such an adjustment while leaving the time span between those points constant. Take, for example, a ten second clip that you trimmed down to five seconds within your timeline.

What are the tools in Adobe Premiere?

Let’s take a tour of the Premiere Pro editing tools which help you trim and cut your assets within the timeline.

  • Selection Tool. Keyboard Shortcut: V.
  • Track Select Forward/Backward. Keyboard Shortcut: A (Shift+A)
  • Ripple Edit. Keyboard Shortcut: B.
  • Rolling Edit. Keyboard Shortcut: N.
  • Rate Stretch.
  • Razor.
  • Pen Tool.
  • Hand.

How can I cut the audio from a video?

Cut audio Move the slider to the audio part you want to split, right click on the music track in the timeline, and then select “Split” to split the sound track. You can also click on the “Scissor” icon to cut the sound track. Then delete the unwanted part of the audio.

What does the pen tool do in Premiere Pro?

What is the Adobe Premiere Pen Tool? Just like in Photoshop and After Effects, Adobe Premiere has a robust set of tools for masking, blurring, and color-correcting certain sections of the frame. In particular, the Pen tool allows you to draw these masks by hand, so you can make them extremely precise.

What does the slide tool do in Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Slide Edit. A slide edit means moving a clip left or right in the timeline while simultaneously adjusting other clips to compensate. The duration of the target clip stays the same, the durations of clips either side are automatically reduced or increased as required.

What does the track select tool do?

Adobe Premiere Track Select Tool. The track selection tool is used to select all clips from a given point on a particular track in the timeline. Position the mouse pointer where you would like to start the selection and click. To select an entire track, position the mouse right at the beginning.

What is slip editing?

A slip edit means adjusting the in and out points of a clip simultaneously by the same amount in the same direction. The duration of the clip stays the same. To perform a slip edit, select the slip edit tool (pictured right) from the tool panel.

What is a ripple edit?

A ripple edit means moving an edit point and causing the rest of the timeline to move the same amount to compensate. To perform a ripple edit, select the ripple edit tool (pictured right) from the tool panel. Position the mouse at the edit point in the timeline and drag left or right.

What does the Slip tool do in audition?

The Slip tool (keyboard shortcut: Y) allows you to slip the contents of a clip, without moving the clip. The Time Selection tool (keyboard shortcut: T) allows you to select a range on the Timeline that can span from one to many clips.