What is the difference between web config and machine config?

The web. config files specify configuration settings for a particular web application, and are located in the application’s root directory; the machine. config file specifies configuration settings for all of the websites on the web server, and is located in $WINDOWSDIR$Microsoft.NetFrameworkVersionConfig.

config is used for ASP.NET Web Projects / Web Services. web. config by default has several configurations required for the web application. config is used for Windows Forms, Windows Services, Console Apps and WPF applications.

Furthermore, what is machine config file? Machine configuration file, Machine.config, contains settings that apply to an entire computer. It is specifically used to store machine and application settings global to all asp.net web sites running in IIS in a computer. A system can have only one machine.config computer.

Also Know, does Web config override machine config?

The machine. config file file is at the highest level in the configuration hierarchy while Web. config file is to override the settings from the machine.

Where is machine config located?

The Machine. config file is located in the %SystemRoot%Microsoft.NETFramework\%VersionNumber%CONFIG directory.

What is a web config?

A configuration file (web. config) is used to manage various settings that define a website. The settings are stored in XML files that are separate from your application code. Generally a website contains a single Web. config file stored inside the application root directory.

Can we use multiple Web config files in a single application?

Yes you can have two web. config files in application. There are situations where your application is divided in to modules and for every module you need separate configuration. For example if you have a application which has two modules lets say accounts and sales.

Is Web config mandatory?

Yes, we can run an Asp.Net web application without web. config file but without in debugging mode. If we don’t configure any settings in web. config file then it consider machine.

Where is the web config file?

config file is located in the %SystemRoot%Microsoft.NETFramework\%VersionNumber%CONFIG folder. The default settings that are contained in the Machine. config file can be modified to affect the behavior of .

Does Change Web config require restart?

Changes to the web. config will trigger the app to be reloaded by IIS as soon as there are 0 connections left to the app. You can also stop and restart the app pool that the app is assigned to in order to make this happen. You do not need to stop and restart IIS itself.

Does app config get compiled?

It parses at compile time; it means if you edit the app. config when program is running, then you need to restart the application to reload the configuration setting into the program. When you run the application which contains the app. config, at the time of compilation a copy of app.

Where is IIS Web config file?

config files are located at %systemroot%system32inetsrvconfig. The machine. config and root web. config files are both currently located in the %systemroot%Microsoft.NETFramework64v4.

How many machine config file in a system?

You can have only one machine. config file in your system (one per system only) and it resides in the WINDOWSMicrosoft.NetFrameworkvXXXXCONFIG directory.

How do I change web config?

Editing the Configuration File (web. config) Open the Internet Information Services manager. Expand the Web Sites node, then expand the Default Web Site node. Right-click EFTAdHoc, then click Properties. In the Properties dialog box, click the ASP.NET tab. Click Edit Configuration. Click the General tab. To change a value, click it, then click Edit.

What happens when you change the web config file at run time?

If you change the Web. Config at runtime the Web Application will be restarted and all the users who are using the application currently will get an error message “Service Unavailable”. It is not recommended at all to change the Web. Config while the application is running.

What is app config file in C#?

At its simplest, the app. config is an XML file with many predefined configuration sections available and support for custom configuration sections. A “configuration section” is a snippet of XML with a schema meant to store some type of information. Overview (MSDN) Connection String Configuration (MSDN)

How many app config file in ASP NET application?

Application Configuration Files Executable–hosted app. These apps have two configuration files: a source configuration file, which is modified by the developer during development, and an output file that is distributed with the app. ASP. NET-hosted app. Internet Explorer-hosted app.

What is app config in Visual Studio?

Note In Visual Studio . NET 2003, click Open. You can use an application configuration file to collect custom application settings that you save in key/value format. You can include elements in the section of an associated configuration file. Each key/value pair has one element.