What is poly ash trim?

Wolf’s Poly-Ash Mouldings are fabricated from Boral TruExterior™ Trim, the pioneer of the Poly-Ash category of reliable exterior trim. Comprised of more than 70% recycled material. Cut, rout and mill with ease. Resistant to rotting, cracking, splitting and termites.

Ideal for exterior trim and siding applications, the polyash structure consists of more than 70 percent recycled or rapidly renewable materials. Suitable for ground contact, Boral TruExterior Siding and Trim are highly resistant to moisture.

Likewise, what is Boral trim? Boral’s TruExterior Trim is a blend of bio-based polymers and coal-combustion by-products. This trim is a blend of bio-based polymers and coal-combustion by-products.

Thereof, what is Boral TruExterior trim made of?

Boral TruExterior trim and siding material is made of fly ash, a byproduct of burning coal, along with a proprietary blend of polymers. According to Boral, it is nearly impervious to moisture and termites, and is suitable for ground and masonry contact.

How much does Boral trim cost?

Product Available in Shown Counties Only

SKU Name MFG List Price
BC44066 16′ BORAL TRUEXTERIOR TRIM 1X6X16 128/UN $56.52/EA
BC44086 16′ BORAL TRUEXTERIOR TRIM 1X8X16 96/UN $74.73/EA
BC44106 16′ BORAL TRUEXTERIOR TRIM 1X10X16 80/UN $95.71/EA
BC44126 16′ BORAL TRUEXTERIOR TRIM 1X12X16 64/UN $116.76/EA

Is board and batten expensive?

Board and Batten Siding Cost Comparison Material costs for this type of siding range from $0.75 up to $9 per square foot. Labor can cost anywhere from $1.50 to $5 per square foot. The cost of a 1,500-square-foot install can range as low as $4,000 to as high as $21,000.

Do you have to Prime Boral?

Boral TruExterior® Siding is virtually impervious to moisture+, so there is no need to prime or paint end-cuts or field-cut edges. Moisture cycling is a primary cause for paint failure on wood products. Since Boral TruExterior® Siding is resistant to this moisture cycling+; paint will perform better.

Does Boral need to be painted?

TruExterior Products come with a factory-applied primer. Because TruExterior Products absorb virtually no moisture, ends and field cuts do not need to be primed or sealed. TruExterior Products do require a coat of exterior-grade paint to maintain your warranty.

Is Boral siding fire resistant?

It has incredible termite resistance.” It’s also fire-resistant, with an ASTM E84 score of below 35. “That’s very low,” Sims said. This modern-style earth-sheltered home features TruExterior Siding Nickel Gap and Channel profiles. Courtesy images: Boral Tru-Exterior®.

Is Boral trim fire resistant?

To counter this threat, gypsum plaster’s unique fire resistant properties have been used for centuries to protect buildings from fire.

How do you cut a Boral trim?

Cutting – Boral TruExterior® Trim can be cut using standard saw blades. However, for longer tool life carbide tipped blades are recommended. Routing & Drilling – Boral TruExterior® Trim can be drilled and routed using standard woodworking tools, but a carbide tipped router and drill bits are recommended.

Can you glue Boral?

Re: What Type Of Glue Is Best For Boral Trim And Can It Be Thickness Planed? Yes, it can be planed, support it well as it enters and exits the planer. It is a fly ash material, may be a little rough on the planer blades.