What is PGM FI relay?

The PGM-FI Main Relay is actually comprised of two individual internal relays. This ground triggers one of the PGM-FI internal relays that sends battery voltage to the fuel pump for two seconds to pressurize the fuel system. When the engine is running the PCM supplies a continuous ground to the PGM-FI Main Relay.

Programmed Fuel Injection

Secondly, how does PGM Fi work? PFI works by injecting the correct amount of fuel precisely calculated by an ECU into the engine. Furthermore, engine sensors measure the temperatures of the engine coolant, engine oil and outside air whereas the pressure sensors monitor engine oil and atmospheric pressures.

Also to know, what are the symptoms of a bad main relay?

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Main Relay (Computer/Fuel System)

  • The engine will not start. Most car owners take their engine for granted until there is an issue with it.
  • The car can’t stay running for long periods of time. If the car cranks and then dies almost immediately after, then the main relay may be to blame.
  • The Check Engine Light is on.

What is the benefit of programed Fi?

Its Integrated Braking System ensures a comfortable and stable riding experience. With its Real Time Mileage Indicator, Glamour Fi gives you the power to control the mileage by displaying the fuel consumption in real-time.

Why is my PGM FI light on?

For all the conditions listed, the PGM-FI warning light on the dashboard must be on (comes on and stays on). This indicates a problem in the electrical portion of the fuel injection system. At that time, check the LED display (self-diagnosis system) in the ECU/ECM. There is only one LED display.

Which gives more mileage carburetor or fuel injection?

Fuel injection is efficient than Carb. In a carburetor, at lower throttle position the amount of fuel is the air-fuel mixture is much higher than it should be, therefore, a certain amount of fuel is lost which affects the overall fuel economy of the vehicles.

What is a fuel injector?

Prev NEXT. A fuel injector is nothing but an electronically controlled valve. It is supplied with pressurized fuel by the fuel pump in your car, and it is capable of opening and closing many times per second.

What is a main relay?

The main relay is a device that opens and shuts the fuel system, and in most cars it also opens and shuts the ignition system. A common main relay problem is that the car doesn’t start if the interior of the vehicle gets hot.

What is fi motor?

Fuel Injection is a system for admitting fuel into an internal combustion engine which atomizes the fuel by forcibly pumping it through a small nozzle under high pressure, unlike in a carburetor which relies on suction created by intake air accelerated through a tube to draw the fuel into the airstream.

What is the meaning of FI in motorcycle?

Fuel Injection system

Why do relays fail?

In fact, the life of a relay is essentially determined by the life of its contacts. Degradation of contacts is caused from high in-rush currents, high- sustained currents, and from high voltage spikes. Relays can also fail due to poor contact alignment and open coils.

What happens when a relay goes bad?

Despite this, sometimes the ignition relay can fail due to wearing, accident, damage or exposure to water. A bad ignition relay will not only cause starting problems to your vehicle, but it can also cause stalling or the vehicle, draining and damaging of the battery and the power loss in the dashboard lights.

How do I know if my fuel relay is bad?

Usually a bad or failing fuel pump relay will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of the issues. Engine stalls. One of the first symptoms of an issue with the fuel pump relay is an engine that suddenly stalls. Engine does not start. No noise from the fuel pump.

How do you check a relay to see if its bad?

Listen for a click when the relay is energized. Check the energized condition of the relay contacts. Use a digital multimeter (DMM) to test the resistance between each pole of the relay and the corresponding NC and NO contacts for that pole. All NC contacts should read infinite resistance to the corresponding pole.

What does it mean when a relay clicks?

Clicking noise in your car’s fuse box is caused by a relay that is turning on and off rapidly. This can be caused by a computer failure, resistance in the ground wire for the control side of the relay or high resistance in the power supply to the control side of the relay.