What happened to Edie Bouvier Beale?

In 1979, Edie Beale sold Grey Gardens to Washington Post editors Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn for a little more than $220,000 and a promise from the couple to restore it. Eventually, Little Edie relocated to Florida, where she rented an apartment in Bal Harbour. She died there on January 14, 2002. She was 84.

January 14, 2002

Furthermore, is Edie Bouvier Beale still alive? Deceased (1917–2002)

Just so, how did Big Edie Beale die?


Does GREY gardens still exist?

In 1979, Little Edie sold Grey Gardens to Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn for $220,000 (equivalent to $775,000 in 2019) with the stipulation that they were not to tear down the house. The Beale-owned furniture, along with household items owned by Quinn, were auctioned off in an estate sale held from November 17–19, 2017.

How much did GREY gardens sell for?

Grey Gardens, the East Hampton, N.Y., mansion immortalized by a documentary and an HBO movie, has sold for $15.5 million, according to the listing agency.

Who were the Beales of GREY Gardens?

Background. This film is a follow-up to the celebrated 1975 documentary Grey Gardens about Jackie Kennedy’s aunt and cousin, “Big” Edie and “Little” Edie Beale. This film is composed entirely of footage not used in the original documentary that was shot at the Beale estate in East Hampton.

What is the story of GREY Gardens?

This film explores the daily lives of two aging, eccentric relatives of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Edie Bouvier Beale and her mother, Edith, are the sole inhabitants of a Long Island estate. During the course of the documentary, they discuss their habits, desires and former loves with filmmakers Albert and David Maysles. The women reveal themselves to be misfits with outsized, engaging personalities. Much of the conversation is centered on their pasts, as mother and daughter now rarely leave home.

Who lived in GREY Gardens?

Edith Beale

What happened to Edith and Eddie?

Edith passed away last March of natural causes at age 98, after living with her daughter in Florida through the end of her life. She never went to an institution. Her home wasn’t sold until after her death; there was no attempt to plunder her estate by lawyers or family members. That’s the other story of Edith+Eddie.

Who is Jerry in GREY Gardens?

Jerry “The Marble Faun” Torre (b. 1953?/1955) is an American sculptor. He is best known for his appearance in the 1975 independent documentary films Grey Gardens and The Beales of Grey Gardens by Albert and David Maysles.

How did the Bouviers make their money?

In addition to crafting fine furniture, Michel Bouvier had a business distributing firewood. To support that business, he acquired large tracts of forested land, some of which contained a large reserve of coal. Michel further grew his fortune in real estate speculation.

Is the movie GREY gardens based on a true story?

The film is based on the life stories of the eccentric paternal aunt and first cousin of Jackie Kennedy, both named Edith Bouvier Beale. The Beale women were members of NYC high society, but in their later years, withdrew from the New York City life, taking shelter at their Long Island summer home/estate Grey Gardens.

Who bought GREY Gardens?

Sally Quinn

What age did little Edie die?

84 years (1917–2002)