What does Raphael find in trash?

Raphael finds a bag in the trash one day. It contains a leather wallet, a map, pictures of a girl in a school uniform, and a key. The wallet has 1,100 pesos, which Gardo and Raphael split.

The main characters of “Trash” are Raphael, Gardo and Rat. The mystery began when Raphael and Gardo found a small leather bag. In the bag there was a wallet, map, a key, picture of a girl in a school uniform and a ID card.

Additionally, what does Gardo look like in trash? Gardo Is a really dirty looking child because he lives on Behala Dumpsite, he has ripped clothes because he can’t find proper clothes to wear at the dumpsite, Gardo has a bald head and he is very skinny.

Also question is, who is Raphael in trash?

Raphael is the main protagonist of Trash. He is only fourteen years old, and has been picking trash since the age of three. He is a tall, skinny boy, and lives with his aunt in Behala. His non-biological brother and best friend is Gardo.

How does Jose Angelico die in trash?

They beat him, threaten to drop him out a window and tell him he’s nothing but garbage. The boys discover that Jose Angelico died when police dropped him from a window. In the prison, men and children live in small cages in furnace-hot buildings that smell of urine.

Where is behala dumpsite located?

Behala, is a locality of South West Kolkata in the Indian state of West Bengal. Behala is a part of Kolkata Municipal Corporation area.

How old is Raphael in the book Trash?

fourteen years

How old is rat in trash?

Rat is believed to be in between 10 and 11 years old but it has never been specify as state in this article: ‘Rat is a boy – three or four years younger than me. ‘ (Trash by Andy Mulligan, Part. 1, Page. 19) said by Raphael while he was describing Rat.

How old is Father Juilliard in trash?

63 years old

Who is the main character in trash?

Raphael Fernandez

Who is Father Juilliard in trash?

A bag with mysterious items and $11000 in cold hard cash. Father Julliard was a Catholic Priest who came to behala as a missionary worker. He was asked to be head of a Pascal Aguila (a local school), of which bribes their students to attend school.

What is rats real name in Trash?

“Rat is a boy- three or four years younger than me. His real name is Jun-Jun. Nobody calls him that, though, because he lived with the rats and has come to look like one.

What happens in the book Trash?

They live, as do most, by picking through trash at a variety of sprawling dumpsites near a city called Behala, hoping to find something they can sell. Raphael finds a bag in the trash one day. They hide the bag with Rat, who lives in a hole filled with rodents. Raphael knows that the policemen will not look there.

Who is Jose Angelico?

Jose Angelico: Angelico. A man of the age 33, unmarried and living in Green Hills, employed as a houseboy, and does not appear to be wealthy in any way.

Who is Olivia in trash?

Olivia Weston was a soft-hearted, kind, caring and forgiving woman who worked in Behala’s Mission School. She had a strong passion for charity work. She got the title “temporary house-mother” (p. 78) by helping Father Julliard taught reading and writing to the little ones and “doing very basic first aid” (p.

Where is the book Trash set?


How much money did Jose Angelico steal?

Jose Angelico stole Senator Zapanta’s money so that he was arrested, and killed when polices were questioning him. Also, three boys knew that they need a particular bible to read the codes, the mysterious numbers. They somehow got the bible traded with money from safe in Mission school in Behala.

Why is Gabriel Olondriz in jail?

The reason Gabriel is in the jail is because of senator, it was all senator’s fault. Gabriel knew that the senator siphoned the money from the poor people and Gabriel had the evidence of that entire problem but the senator did something and the Gabriel was the person who had to go to the jail, because he had no power.