What does Mutinously mean in Lord of the Flies?

characterized by a rebellion against authority. ” Mutinously, the boys fell silent or muttering.”

recrimination. the act of accusing in return; opposing another charge. tumult. commotion of a great crowd; disorder. tirade.

Also, what does daunting mean in Lord of the Flies? Definition: Looked at or stared angrily or sullenly. Sentence: Jack glowered. daunting. Definition: intimidating; challenging. Sentence: The word was too good, too bitter, too successfully daunting to be repeated.

Considering this, what does jeer mean in Lord of the Flies?

ludicrous. broadly or extravagantly humorous. “But Piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brain. ( Golding,1954, p.64)” ineffectual.

What does effulgence mean?

Effulgence is brightness taken to the extreme. You may be dazzled by it, stunned by it, or even overcome by it. Usually used to refer to the sun or some other mega-star, effulgence can also be used more figuratively.

Who is Percival and what happens to him?

Percival is a littlun, and when Ralph opens up the evening meeting to talk about the boys’ fears, he comes forward to speak. Piggy kneels by him with the conch and asks him his name. He doesn’t respond because he’s too nervous to speak, and the boys all break out into a chant, “What’s your name?

What are vicissitudes of life?

vicissitudes, successive, alternating, or changing phases or conditions, as of life or fortune; ups and downs: They remained friends through the vicissitudes of 40 years. regular change or succession of one state or thing to another.

What are creepers in Lord of the Flies?

In “The Lord of the Flies”, who are the creepers? Creepers in a literal term are vines. Metaphorically, they could symbolise society’s grasp on the boys. They symbolise society, and sometimes they are literally just vines that get in the way.

Why is this chapter called Beast from air?

The chapter is called ‘Beast from Air’ , because the boys’ new idea of the beast is coming from the dead parachuter. The parachuter, when falling, swung back and forth due to the wind, making it seem to look like a beast. The twins say that the beast had claws, and that it followed ad nearly touched them.

What does proffer of acquaintance mean?

Explore the Words. show: definitions & notes only words. proffer. a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection. The fat boy waited to be asked his name in turn but this proffer of acquaintance was not made; the fair boy called Ralph smiled vaguely, stood up, and began to make his way once more toward the lagoon.

Who is slight and furtive in Lord of the Flies?

Roger. Roger is a member of Jack’s choir and is described as ‘a slight furtive boy whom no one knew, who kept to himself with an inner intensity of avoidance and secrecy’ (p18). Surprisingly, it is Roger who suggest the boys have a vote to decide upon the leader.

How long does Lord of the Flies take to read?

3 hours and 49 minutes

How has Ralph changed since being on the island?

How has Ralph changed since being on the island at the beginning of chapter 5? Ralph has changed because at first he saw his job as leader as a sport or fun, but now Ralph sees his job as a serious responsibility and is starting to figure out what the boys need to do in order to survive.

What does incredulity mean in Lord of the Flies?

incredulity. N- doubt about the truth of something; disbelief. diffidently.

What sort of weapon is Jack using to hunt pigs?


Who is Bill in Lord of the Flies?

Bill: One of the choirboys. Bill is a follower of Jack who later becomes a hunter. Henry: A littlun who, with Percival and Johnny, is attacked with rocks by Roger and Maurice while they are building sand castles near the beach. He is the oldest of the three littluns.

How many words is Lord of the Flies?

Great Novels and Word Count Alan Paton Cry, the Beloved Country 83,774 Toni Morrison Song of Solomon 92,400 Virginia Woolf Mrs. Dalloway 63,422 William Faulkner As I Lay Dying 56,695 William Golding Lord of the Flies 59,900

Which three Littluns are playing on the beach?

Which three littluns are playing on the beach as the chapter opens? Percival, Henry, and Johnny are playing on the beach.

What does chorister mean in Lord of the Flies?

chorister. Definition: a singer or leader of a choir. Sentence: Haris was the chorister for all of 10th grade. bastion. Definition: a stronghold or fortification; similar to a stronghold.