What does ls1 mean in the Navy?

Logistics Specialist class “A” school is nine weeks long, and the school is located in Meridian, Mississippi. Both the LS (Surface) and LSS (Submarine) ratings require a 60 month (5 year) service obligation.

Logistics Specialist class “A” school is nine weeks long, and the school is located in Meridian, Mississippi. Both the LS (Surface) and LSS (Submarine) ratings require a 60 month (5 year) service obligation.

Also, what is Navy salary? Officers in the U.S. Navy are also paid well. In fact, the starting pay for a Navy Ensign is about $37,000 a year. This is just their base pay, they also get allowances for housing and subsistence. In addition, many Navy officers get special pay such as sea pay, flight pay, hazardous duty pay and more.

Moreover, what are the ranks in the Navy in order?

Navy Officer Ranks

  • Ensign (ENS, O1)
  • Lieutenant, Junior Grade (LTJG, O2)
  • Lieutenant (LT, O3)
  • Lieutenant Commander (LCDR, O4)
  • Commander (CDR, O5)
  • Captain (CAPT, O6)
  • Rear Admiral Lower Half (RDML,O7)
  • Rear Admiral Upper Half (RADM, O8)

What is the best job in the Navy?

Career Comparison

Job Title Rate Skills Needed
Aviation Boatswain’s Mate E-9 Competence with Machinery, Manual Dexterity
Aviation Ordnancemen E-8 Manual Dexterity, Record Keeping
Culinary Specialist E-7 Test Equipment Use, Analysis
Sonar Technician First Class E-6 Aptitude for Equipment, Manual Dexterity

How much does the Navy pay per month?

Salaries here start at $3,855 per month after eight years of service and tops out at $5,498 per month after 30 years of service. The highest enlisted grade is E-9, which is master chief petty officer. Pay here starts at $4,709 per month after 10 years and continues to $7,311 per month after 38 years.

What does LS mean in the Navy?

logistics specialist

What is highest naval rank?

Fleet Admiral

What is a yeoman in the Navy?

Enlisted rating. Specialty. Administration. A yeoman is an enlisted service member within the United States Navy that performs administrative and clerical work under their primary role and assignment.

What does ls3 mean in the Navy?

“LS3 Petty Officer 3rd class”

Where do Ls in the Navy get stationed?

LS sailors work in offices, shore-based warehouses, air cargo terminals at naval air stations and in storerooms aboard ships.

What can you do in the Navy?

But if five-figure bonuses and rapid promotions sound intriguing, here are six sought-after Navy jobs you should know about. Aviation Machinist’s Mate (AD) Cryptologic Technicians (CT) Intelligence Specialists (IS) Hospital Corpsmen (HM) Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians (EOD) Aviation Rescue Swimmers (AIRR)

How much does a logistics specialist make in the Navy?

An early career Logistics Specialist with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $30,000 based on 10 salaries. A mid-career Logistics Specialist with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $47,495 based on 15 salaries.

Which is the highest post in Navy?

The highest post in the Indian Navy is Admiral of the fleet. It is a Honorary rank reserved for wartime and ceremonial appointment.

What rank is a Navy SEAL?

Navy SEAL Enlisted Rankings Structure Rank Abbreviation Minimum Pay (monthly) E-6 PO1 $2,694 E-7 CPO $3,114 E-8 SCPO $4,480 E-9 MCPO / CMDCM / MCPON $5,473

Is Master Chief a real rank?

Master chief petty officer. Master chief petty officer (MCPO) is an enlisted rank in some navies. It is the ninth, and highest, enlisted rank (with pay grade E-9) in the United States Navy and United States Coast Guard, just above senior chief petty officer (SCPO).

What is a 3 star admiral called?

Vice admiral (abbreviated as VADM) is a three-star commissioned naval officer rank in the United States Navy, the United States Coast Guard, the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps, with the pay grade of O-9.

What are the ranks on a ship?

The “ranks” that make up the ship’s team include: Master. Chief Mate (also called Chief Officer) Second Mate (also called Second Officer) Third Mate (also called Third Officer) Deck Cadet. Chief Engineer. Second Engineer. Third Engineer.

What rank is Petty Officer?

Petty officer third class is the fourth enlisted rank in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps, above seaman and below petty officer second class, and is the lowest rank of non-commissioned officer, equivalent to a corporal in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps.