What did Johnny say after his fifth barbecue sandwich?

The boys are famished and end up stuffing themselves with BBQ sandwiches as Dally tells them about what is happening back at home. After Johnny finishes his fifth BBQ sandwich, he shocks Dally and Ponyboy by saying, “We’re goin’ back and turn ourselves in” (Hinton, 74).

Johnny’s favorite part of Gone with the Wind was when the southern gentlement were “riding into sure death” because they were “gallant”. This part of the book reminded him of Dally because he knows that despite his mean and cruel outlook, he has a caring personality.

One may also ask, what kind of sandwich did Johnny eat in the outsiders? bbq sandwich

Correspondingly, what happened when Johnny pony and Dally returned to the church in order?

The church is on fire. And they save some kids from the fire. Ponyboy is thinking this to himself as Dally is telling him and Johnny how Cherry is helping them.

What does Johnny announce they are going to do?

Why? He announced that he is going to turn himself in today, because he didn’t want to live in hide-out for the rest of his life and he didn’t want to get anyone else into trouble.

Why did Randy want to talk to pony?

He learned that he and his brothers may be put into a boy’s home. Why did Randy want to talk to Ponyboy? He wanted to say how he might run away and that he won’t be at the rumble.

What does Gone With the Wind symbolize?

Gone with the Wind is an American novel written by Margaret Mitchell in 1936. In The Outsiders, it symbolizes the closeness between Ponyboy and his friend Johnny. The characters in The Outsiders are engaged in a war, too. The two gangs, the greasers and the socs, fight for control of the city.

Why was pony upset about getting a haircut?

Ponyboy in turn cuts Johnny’s hair. Ponyboy loves his family and community. His long hair was his pride and joy. But losing it, the outward trademark of his identity as a greaser, changes his perspective and everyone else’s.

Why does Johnny want to turn himself in?

The reason Johnny decided to turn himself in to the police was he did not want to spend the rest of his life hiding. He thought if he turned himself in he would have a better chance of getting off easy with the help of Ponyboy’s and Cherry.

What was Ponyboys reaction when he finally arrived in the country?

What was his reaction when he finally arrived there? Ponyboy’s reaction when he got to the country was that he did not like it as much as he thought he would and knew he had to stay hidden.

How do we know Dally feel at least partially responsible for Johnny’s fate?

Ponyboy believes that Johnny is “Dally’s pet.” Later in the story, as Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally are driving back to the church, it becomes evident that Dally cares a great deal for Johnny. Dally shares that he doesn’t want Johnny to become “hardened” like himself.

Why does Johnny think Dally is a hero?

Johnny thinks that Dally is a hero because he was getting blamed by the police for something that he didn’t do. His friends did the crime, but Dally was willing to take the punishment because he was a really good friend.

What did Randy tell ponyboy as they sat in the Mustang?

His eyes didn’t have their usual defeated, suspicious look. At the Tasty Freeze, what did Randy tell Ponyboy as they sat in the Mustang? He was sick of fighting and he wasn’t going to show up at the rumble. Before the rumble.

Who is spying on the SOCS for the greasers?

That Cherry Valance is acting as a spy for the greasers shocks Ponyboy and Johnny, but then they learn that Bob, the dead Soc, had been her boyfriend. Dally informs them that Cherry has said that she is willing to testify that the Socs were drunk that night and that Johnny acted only in self-defense.

Who died in outsiders?

At the rumble, the greasers defeat the Socs. Dally shows up just in time for the fight; he has escaped from the hospital. After the fight, Ponyboy and Dally hurry back to see Johnny and find that he is dying. When Johnny dies, Dally loses control and runs from the room in a frenzy.

What made ponyboy realize Darry loved him?

Darry did care about me, maybe as much as he cared about Soda, and because he cared he was trying too hard to make something of me. Essentially, Pony comes to the realization that Darry actually does care about him and loves him like Sodapop.

What is the main idea of Chapter 5 in the outsiders?

Summary: Chapter 5 The next morning, Ponyboy wakes in the church and finds a note from Johnny saying that he has gone into town to get supplies. When Johnny returns, he brings a week’s supply of baloney and cigarettes, and a paperback copy of Gone with the Wind, which he wants Ponyboy to read to him.

When did ponyboy’s parents die?

Ponyboy Curtis is a 14-year-old boy whose world has been turned upside down. His parents were killed in an automobile accident just eight months before The Outsiders story takes place. He lives with his oldest brother, Darry, who is 20 years old and has legal custody of him and his other brother, Sodapop, who is 16.

Why is cherry helping the greasers?

Cherry helps the Greasers for a few reasons. She doesn’t think the fighting is right, and wants the fighting to stop. Secondly, she has a huge crush on Dally. Her feelings for Dally motivate her to do what she can for the Greasers.