What are designer radiators?

Designer Radiators. Modern designer radiators are designed to add unrivalled style, luxury and comfort to any room of your home – without compromising on functionality.

Best Radiator Materials The best cast iron radiators are very durable and offer excellent heat output which makes them ideal for putting anywhere. The best material for a modern radiator is aluminium. As we previously mentioned, Aluminium is better for heat transfer which makes Aluminium radiators incredibly efficient.

Likewise, do vertical radiators work well? Contrary to popular belief, vertical radiators work just as well as their horizontal counterparts. Science has shown vertical radiators are in fact just as efficient, with a 5000 BTU vertical working just as well as a 5000 BTU horizontal. Yippee!

Accordingly, are column radiators better than panel radiators?

The unmistakable benefits of column radiators With good reason. Column radiators are perfect for large and high-ceilinged spaces that need a lot of heat. They have a larger surface area than panel radiators which means they give off more heat. Horizontal or vertical positioning – either way.

Are cast iron radiators efficient?

Cast iron radiators are an energy efficient radiator. Studies have shown that the conductivity of cast iron is higher than that of steel and therefore the heat transfer from the cast iron radiator into the room is much more efficient than steel.

What should I look for when buying a radiator?

So without further ado, here are some things to consider when buying a new radiator. RESEARCH IS KEY. A LOT of research needs to go into heating your home. To name a few, you need to think about: The size of radiator. The size you choose will dictate how much heat it produces. MAINTAIN YOUR HOUSE. CHOOSE A MODEL.

Which brand of radiators is the best?

Best Radiator Brands At Trade Radiators we stock some of the best and most well established radiator brands in the world. Trade Radiators is proud to offer its own brand range of radiators called Trade Direct . For those looking for an energy efficient brand then our Apollo range is the right choice for you.

Should I replace 40 year old radiators?

If you’re looking for a simple way of saving money on your energy bills, replacing old radiators is one of the surest ways. If you’re asking “how often should radiators be replaced?”, there’s no easy answer but a general guideline is anywhere between fifteen and twenty years.

What radiator gives out the most heat?

Central heating radiators For the greatest heat output consider a triple radiator which uses a combination of three panels and three convectors. Great for larger spaces, they’re also ideal if you are extending a room and don’t want to install additional radiators.

Are double radiators better than singles?

The main difference with a double panel convector radiator is that it can emit more heat, and quicker, than a single panel radiator. More efficient still is the double panel double convector, with two rows of parallel convector fins.

Are old radiators less efficient than new ones?

new radiators. Larger radiators are more efficient as they can run at a lower temperature and still heat the room sufficiently. Some older radiators may not be able to handle the output from your new boiler, especially if you are getting a combi or a larger boiler than you had previously.

Should I replace radiators with new boiler?

If people need to install a new boiler, it’s now increasingly recommended to also upgrade the radiators if they were installed before 2000. Heating installers will now likely recommend to the homeowner that it is worth the extra investment of a full set of radiators if a new combi boiler is being put in.

Do designer radiators give good heat?

As a rule of thumb, no – a designer radiator typically won’t give out the same heat as a traditional or standard-style radiator. This is down to a number of factors. Firstly, most designer radiators don’t have convection fins.

Are anthracite radiators good?

Anthracite radiators are not only effective, but can give each space a more sophisticated appearance, making them perfect for rooms which are undergoing a design refresh or renovation.

Are modern radiators better?

Modern radiators are more energy efficient and they tend to heat up more quickly due to the lower water content which is typically around 24% less than that in radiators manufactured prior to 2000. Fitting a new radiator can be a difficult task, especially if you aren’t familiar with plumbing.

How many radiators does it take to heat a room?

In most cases 1-2 radiators will suffice, however for larger rooms you may require more. The amount of BTU’s required per radiator will depend on how many radiators are within the room – so divide the total BTU requirement by the number of radiators to calculate the average BTU’s required per radiator.

Are chrome radiators less efficient?

Chrome radiators will always give out less heat (up to 30% less) than a painted equivalent. Although this may not make them ideal for “radiators”, chrome does provide an excellent material for drying towels on. Chrome is coating applied on top of another metal, usually mild steel or brass.

Are column radiators effective?

Column radiators are effective at heating a room, but only when sufficient space is left open around them. Column radiators durable and efficient, and don’t have to be as large to heat a room. Although they require higher-than-average maintenance, column radiators are a good option overall.

What’s the difference between a 2 column and 3 column radiator?

Some column radiators will have 2 columns or 3 columns or 4 columns and this refers to the number of columns within each section of the radiator. A 4 column radiator will have a greater depth measurement and will also give off more heat than the same sized radiator with only 2 columns.