Should you Polish new car paint?

The general rule of thumb is to polish and wax your car twice a year. If you can’t decide whether your paintwork needs some attention, look at what happens to water when it hits the paint. If it forms small beads, the paint is still protected.

Professional bodyshops simply aren’t waiting around with a freshly painted car in storage for 90 days before they cut and buff it. Paint manufacturers formulate their products to be ready for polishing within hours, not days or weeks.

One may also ask, do new cars need to be polished? Some new cars look as they should being brand new. They have no swirl marks, buffer holograms or other defects in the paint finish. It’s almost guaranteed there will be wax in many edges and crevices, but it gets even worse if they do a polishing prep and leave a number of holograms and swirl marks all over.

In this way, is Polishing bad for car paint?

A compound that aggressive almost always requires a finish polish to achieve maximum shine. Omitting the finishing polish will not damage anything, you just won’t have as much shine as you could. In the future, if the paint is rough, clay it. If there are scratches, swirls or holograms, compound it.

How soon can I polish my car after painting?

Don’t Do This: Don’t Wax or Polish Your Car for Three Months – Wait at least three months before waxing and polishing your car as doing so will possibly damage the finish or discolor the paint. The paint job needs to “cure” for some time before you can go back to waxing and polishing it.

Should I wax or polish my new car?

Polish should be used before wax, as it helps to restore auto paint that has lost its shine due to oxidation. Car polish does this by removing a very fine layer of the paintwork so the appearance of scratches is minimized as they settle into the coat. Car polishes vary in terms of their levels of abrasiveness.

How do I make my car paint shine after painting?

After wet sanding is complete, it’s time to bring that shine to your vehicle through buffing. Remove excess soap, dust and sandpaper grit by washing down your vehicle with fresh water and drying with a lint-free cloth. Make sure your buffing pad is 100 percent clean and properly attached to your buffer before starting.

Can you spray clear coat the next day?

If circumstances won’t allow me to clearcoat the same day, the next day I’ll usually spray one more coat of base then wait 30 min before clear. If doing all in one day, I generally wait double the minimum stated time. Gives the basecoat reducers plenty of time to escape.

What is the best polish for a new car?

Best Premium Choice. CarGuys Premium Hybrid Top Coat Polish and Sealer. Best Budget Choice. Best Overall Choice. Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish. HD High Definition Speed All-in-One Polish And Wax. Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish. Superior Products Clear Coat Polish and Sealant. Turtle Wax Color Magic Jet Black.

Will rain damage a freshly painted car?

The answer is YES! And you should wax it too. The wash and wax will allow your vehicle to shed the water off so it does as little damage to the paint as possible. While rain by itself won’t hurt your paint job, rain mixed with city pollution can have a detrimental effect.

How long does car paint take to fully cure?

Most detailers and bodyshops will likely give you a 30–90 day “cure time”. This is the amount of time it takes for the paint to fully set and harden, giving your vehicle the full protective measures. This 30–90 day period is also a time where you WILL NOT want to apply any other protective coating: wax, sealant, etc.

How does polishing a car work?

Car polish is actually an abrasive material that will help you remove the top layers of protection on your car. Of course, it works in a very fine and gentle way so that it won’t destroy your paint. You can use car polish to make sure the surface is smooth and that it will give a good reflection.

Is it good to wax a brand new car?

The short answer, is yes you can wax your new car and it will not cause any harm whatsoever. As soon as the car leaves the dealership, you can begin waxing if you really wanted. Unlike paint that is yet to dry, most brand new vehicles have been painted months before being sold.

Does polishing remove clear coat?

Polishing to remove the swirls removes much of the clear coat or just x. mils(?) Which then reduces the UV protection, and depth and gloss of the paint to fade.

Does buffing damage clear coat?

yes buffing can and will remove clear coat. If done properly not much harm will be done. If it is your first time useing a buffer i would recommend you use a junk yard hood to pratice on to get the feel for it. If you stay in one spot to long or have the buffer speed to high you can burn right through the paint.

Should I wash car after Polish?

Re: wash after polishing? No, dont wash your car after polishing. You will just wash the oils right off, they are not durable like a wax or other polymer.

Will polishing a car remove scratches?

Yes definitely. Polishing itself means removal of scratches and getting a crystal clear surface. Polishing itself means removal of scratches and getting a crystal clear surface. Depending on the car polish product that you use, not only you can get rid of scratches, but also get a mirror look on your car.

Can I wax my car without polishing?

Yes you can wax without polishing. Many people just use a spray wax or sealant for topping up after a wash. There are some really good ones, I like OCW as a spray wax. Just make sure the surface is well cleaned.