Is VRChat still alive?

“VRChat is currently free and plans to remain so for the foreseeable future.”

Despite the rapid growth in popularity and sheer scale, VRChat is still technically in early access, meaning the complete game has yet to be made available. The developers explained the game’s status in a section of VRChat’s Steam description: VRChat is constantly evolving.

Secondly, how many people still play VRChat? VRChat

Month Avg. Players Peak Players
Last 30 Days 7,934.0 12,178
January 2020 7,972.9 14,444
December 2019 7,346.6 11,163
November 2019 6,878.6 10,701

One may also ask, is VRChat free?

VRChat is a free-to-play multiplayer virtual reality social game. Players can explore a multiplicity of virtual worlds using customized in-game avatars. On 1 February 2017, VRChat was first released on the Steam early access program for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets.

What is the point of VRChat?

VRChat is an immersive virtual reality social platform that allows users to interact with other 3D characters, or avatars, that represent their likeness. In the social game, players can explore many virtual worlds built by others also using the platform.

Does Xbox have VRChat?

VRChat Xbox One Full Version Free Download. Imagine a world where anything is possible. Join a game of capture the flag in outer space. Share stories around a campfire while roasting marshmallows, then moments later experience a retro game of bowling with an alien and robot.

Who created VRChat?


How do I add avatars to VRChat?

How To Install Avatars Install Unity 2017.4.28f1. Install VRChat SDK. Find an avatar you want to use. Login into VRChat SDK inside Unity using your VRChat account (same as ingame) Open .unitypackage file in Unity. Select Unity Scene if provided in package. Open Build Control Panel under VRChat SDK. Click Build & Publish.

How do I delete my VRChat account?

Go to your profile on the VRChat Home website. Scroll to the bottom, and click the red “Additional Options” button. Click “Delete Account” and follow the instructions.

How do you rank up in VRChat?

Regardless, the best way to raise your Rank is simply to play VRChat — spending time exploring, making friends, and creating content (once you are permitted to do so) will all help you increase your Trust Rank, and will show off more of your avatar’s features.

Can VRChat run on a laptop?

VRChat will run on PC system with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and upwards. Try our easy to use VRChat set up guides to find the best, cheapest cards. Filter for VRChat graphics card comparison and CPU compare. We’ll help you find the best deal for the right gear to run the game.

Can I play VRChat on my phone?

[Discussion] Is there a way to play VRChat on mobile? You can play the desktop version on steam using the mobile app Steam Link. There’s a combination of Riftcat/Vridge that does allow you to move your head with a phone, and with two other phones you can use hands (kinda). It’s janky, but fun to play with!

How much does VR cost?

By almost any metric, high-end headsets cost a lot. The Oculus Rift is $599, plus the still-unknown cost of its motion controllers. The HTC Vive is $799. The one headset that we don’t know anything about right now is PlayStation VR.

Can you play VRChat with keyboard and mouse?

You can play VRChat using a keyboard, mouse, and monitor! No headset required. Movement is handled via the standard FPS “WASD” setup, with your mouse adjusting your view position.

How much is full body tracking VR?

Finally experience true full body tracking in VR, you are now more than just a floating head and hands. PRICE TEMPORARILY DISCOUNTED FROM $69.99. VIVE TRACKERS SOLD SEPARATELY.

Can you play VRChat without a headset?

Playing without a VR headset is totally possible! If you have a VR headset and still want to play in desktop mode, you can simply unplug your headset before starting up VRChat.

What is the best VR for PC?

Oculus Rift S: Best easy-to-set-up PC VR The Oculus Rift S is an improvement over the 2016 Rift PC headset, adding overdue features like a higher-resolution virtual reality display (1,280×1,440 per eye) and self-contained room tracking via five cameras studded in the Rift S headset.

How do you find people on VRChat?

In order to find people you need to go into the menu and manually select and transport into a populated room.