Is Apple Tree Yard a real place?

Apple Tree Yard is a Street in the Greater London Urban Area of St James and measures approximately 67 metres long. There is only one street named Apple Tree Yard making it unique in Great Britain. Apple Tree Yard is governed by London Borough of Westminster Council.

Apple Tree Yard is a British television thriller, adapted from the novel of the same name by Louise Doughty. Apple Tree Yard follows the story of Carmichael, an unhappily married fifty-something scientist, who begins a secret affair with Costley whilst completely unaware of his background.

Also, is there a second series of Apple Tree Yard? Hit drama Apple Tree Yard will get a second season after the show’s writer Louise Doughty confirmed there would be a sequel. Sunday nights were never quite the same after the BBC drama hit our telly screens earlier this year.

One may also ask, how many episodes does Apple Tree Yard have?


Who wrote Apple Tree Yard?

Louise Doughty

What happens at the end of Apple Tree Yard?

Apple Tree Yard viewers have been left REELING after a last-minute twist in the gripping finale. The final instalment of the four-part BBC series saw the conclusion of the murder trial, with Yvonne (Emily Watson) walking free and Mark (Ben Chaplin) being locked up for killing George, the man who had attacked her.