How much is parking at the ferry?

Our daily rate for parking is just $13 per day. Our hourly rate for parking is $1.50 per hour up to a maximum of $13 per 24 hour period. For example, if you park with us for 54 consecutive hours (2 days and 6 hours) then the parking fee will be $13+$13+$9=$35 total.

Price. Our daily rate for parking is just $13 per day. Our hourly rate for parking is $1.50 per hour up to a maximum of $13 per 24 hour period. For example, if you park with us for 54 consecutive hours (2 days and 6 hours) then the parking fee will be $13+$13+$9=$35 total.

Also Know, is there parking at Tsawwassen ferry terminal? Welcome! Park & Go gives travellers easy access to the Tsawwassen ferries. Being a walk-on passenger has never been easier. Just park your vehicle in our large, secure parking lot and you’re only minutes away from the door of the B.C. Ferries Tsawwassen terminal via our free, comfortable shuttles.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how much is parking at ferry terminal?

Parking fees are: $10.00 per week (maximum 1 week) $2.00 per day.

How much is the ferry to Vancouver Island?

A single ticket cost is $5.50 on weekdays before 6h30 pm and $2.75 at all other times. A ferry walk on passenger will pay $16.25. The ferry ride is 1.5 hours. At Swartz Bay, catch the BC Transit bus #70 Downtown/Airport bus.

Can you park overnight at Tsawwassen Mills?

No. It will get towed. The mall in on First Nations land and they do not allow over night parking. The ferry terminal has overnight parking available.

How do I get from Vancouver to Victoria?

Getting There. Victoria is on Vancouver Island, 107 kilometres (76 miles) southwest of Vancouver. The trip by car and ferry, or bus and ferry, takes approximately 4 hours each way from downtown Vancouver. Alternatively, the trip is a 35 minute flight.

Where do you park at ferry terminal?

Parking options closest to the terminal (hourly, daily, monthly, evening, early bird and weekend parking options) include: 1. Commuter Center surface lot, across the street at 811 Western Ave., $4.00/hour. Call (206) 284-6303.

Can you stay in vehicle on BC Ferry?

As of Wednesday, B.C. Ferries passengers are no longer be allowed to stay in their vehicles when parked on the lower deck. The policy prohibits passengers from remaining on any car deck with closed doors at both ends and limited openings along the sides.

Can you park Evo at Horseshoe Bay?

Note that: Evo covers Grouse mountain. You can park in 1 of the 2 dedicated car-share spaces, or any overflow car park. Modo covers Horseshoe Bay.

Do you need a car on Vancouver Island?

You don’t need a car in either Vancouver or Victoria proper, but once you want to get out of town, you will.

Is Victoria worth visiting?

Victoria, BC is definitely worth a visit, but you’ll want to spend more than a day there. It’s a fairly involved trip getting from Vancouver to Victoria, as there’s a fairly long drive to get to the ferry terminal from either city. Waiting at the ferry terminal and then the voyage itself will also eat up a few hours.

How much does the ferry cost?

Fares between Harbor Bay and San Francisco Ferry Building One-way Adult (cash fare) $7.50 Adult Clipper Card $5.60 Youth (5-18 years), Seniors (65+ yrs), Disabled* $3.70 Children under 5** FREE

Can you get around Vancouver Island without a car?

Vancouver Island offers one of the best places in Canada to travel and see a large area without needing a car. Reduce your carbon imprint by moving by foot, mass transit or bike to compensate for the flight to get here.

What is the best time of year to visit Vancouver Island?

The best times to visit Victoria and Vancouver Island are March to May and September to November. The region sees some of the country’s mildest weather and the driest summers, so while you might experience a light drizzle here and there, plan on comfortable temperatures in the spring and fall.

Where do you catch the ferry to Vancouver Island?

The Main BC Ferries Routes Between Lower-Mainland BC To Vancouver Island. This ferry will take you to a terminal in downtown Nanaimo (Departure Bay) on Vancouver Island. The Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal is just outside of Vancouver and an hour from Whistler.

Do seniors travel free on BC Ferries?

Seniors. BC Seniors age 65 or greater travel free Monday through Thursday except holidays noted below on presentation of a BC Services Card, a BC Driver’s License, a BC Identification Card, or a Birth Certificate. The BC Seniors discount applies only to the passenger fare.

Do you pay both ways on BC Ferries?

A: Yes, on most routes. In addition to cash, we accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express for on-the-spot payment of fares. These credit cards may also be used for advance reservations on our Discovery Coast Connector, Inside Passage, Haida Gwaii and Tsawwassen-Gulf Islands routes.

Can you drive to Victoria BC?

Victoria’s Inner Harbour, easily accessible by float plane, ferry, bus or car. If you’re driving your own car to Victoria, a sea voyage is involved in any leg of the journey. Once you cross into BC, the ferries are a quick 35 minute drive away.