How do you reset a Lux tx9600ts thermostat?

Take the front of the thermostat off the wall and look for a small white round reset button on the right side labeled “H.W. Reset”. Hold this button down for at least 5 seconds. The screen should fully populate temporarily.

To remove the lock with out your lock code, remove the thermostat from the wall and locate the button labeled HW RESET on the back of the thermostat. Press the HW RESET button down for 5 seconds then release.

Subsequently, question is, how do you calibrate a Lux thermostat? To adjust your Calibration, perform the following steps:

  1. Press “Menu” once.
  2. Press “Scroll” 5 times until you see “Set Review Cal Temp”
  3. Press “Yes”
  4. A number will pop up in the display between -5F and +5F (0 is the default)
  5. Use the up and down buttons to adjust it as desired.
  6. When you are finished, press “Exit”

Just so, what is the reset button on a thermostat for?

A Reset Button That Stays Off Put the batteries back in, switch the mode to either the “HEAT” or “COOL” position, and turn the thermostat back on.

Do Lux thermostats have batteries?

Use Duracell® or Energizer® alkaline batteries ONLY for all LUX thermostats requiring batteries. BE SURE TO CHANGE THE BATTERIES AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR, or whenever you see the LO BATT indication on the screen.

How do you troubleshoot a luxpro thermostat?

Remove thermostat body from the wall, leave the backplate in place. Verify that Heating and cooling switch off within a few minutes. If the thermostat is battery powered only, replace its batteries with fresh Duracell® or Energizer® alkaline batteries. Set unit to heat mode.

How do you program a Lux?

Steps Open the thermostat and press “reset” with an open paperclip or other small pointy object. Set the correct time and day by turning the dial to the “Day / Time” position. Move the dial to “Set Weekday Program”. Decide what temperature you want at various times of the day.

How do I unlock my thermostat screen?

TO UNLOCK THE TOUCHSCREEN: Press on the “locked padlock” icon, in the display panel. The screen will ask you if you want to unlock the keypad, press OK. Enter the unlock code that was used when the thermostat was placed into a locked state, using the UP/DOWN buttons and the NEXT button to change which digit is flashing.

How do I reset a luxpro thermostat?

Open the door on the front of the thermostat and look for the small round recessed button labeled “RESET” Hold this button down for at least 5 seconds. The screen should fully populate temporarily. You will see all 8888’s in the display. Correct the day and time and then enter back in all your custom program values.

How do I turn off my Lux thermostat?

Thermostat must be in either heat or cool position. SET Slide switch must be in the RUN position. Press the HOLD key to turn HOLD on and then again to turn it off.

How do you set a Lux 1500 Thermostat?

How to Unlock a Lux 1500 Thermostat Press and release the “Next” button, in the center of the thermostat’s programming panel, three times. Press the “Hold” button, and then release it. The thermostat is unlocked. Press and release the “Next” button three times, and then press and release the “Hold” button to lock the thermostat again. Share this article.

What does Stage 2 on a Trane thermostat mean?

A 2-stage furnace with a 2-stage thermostat will begin in first stage (low burner, low airflow) and only go to second stage if the indoor temperature drops during first stage. This provides greater humidity control, quieter operation, and maximum air circulation, temperature distribution, and air filtration.

How do you turn off the override on a thermostat?

Find the display button and hold it down while you press the off button. Keep the display button depressed and let go of the off button. While still holding the display button, quickly press the up arrow button. Release all depressed buttons at the same time.

What does heat override mean on a thermostat?

You want your thermostat working when you need it. Feel free to temporarily override your set schedule and adjust the temperature when needed. This override automatically cancels and resumes to normal programming.

What does Stage 2 mean on Lux thermostat?

STG 2 is the 2nd stage of heating available in the thermostat if you have 2 stages heating (W2). If your heat is not working STG2 will appear when the room temperature is 2 degrees lower than your set temperature or if the room set temperature is increased more than 2 degrees.