How do you remove a ceiling box?

Go into the attic to remove a roughed-in box. Pull out the nails holding it to the rafter, using a claw hammer. Alternatively, if you can’t get into the attic, cut out a section of ceiling drywall, using a drywall saw large enough for you to pull the nails while standing on a ladder.

Predrill the holes in the box so you do not break the box with the screws. You can remove that box from below. Easiest is to breaker it up, then pry the “J” bracket off the side of the ceiling joist. Than you can use a fan Smart Box screwed into the side of the joist.

Also, how do you tighten a ceiling electrical box? Examine the fittings (screws, or nuts and bolts) that attach the fixture to the electrical box. If the fittings are loose, tighten them, then very carefully move the fixture back-and-forth slightly, watching the electrical box as you do this. If the box still moves, then the box is loose and must be tightened.

Consequently, how do you fix a broken ceiling electrical box?

How to Replace a Ceiling Electrical Box

  1. Turn off the breaker inside the main electrical panel that supplies electricity to the ceiling electrical box.
  2. Go into the attic and located the ceiling box you want to replace.
  3. Remove the box from the ceiling.
  4. Install a plastic replacement ceiling box that’s rated for 50 pounds.

How do you remove an old electrical box?

Remove the old box and enlarge the opening Cut the old box loose. To remove the old small gang box, pry it away from the stud slightly to expose the nail shafts and cut them with a hacksaw. Then work the wires through the box as you pull it free of the hole.

How do you get rid of an old ceiling box?

Turn the screws counterclockwise with a screwdriver or a drill to remove them from a box attached to a board between the ceiling joists. Pull the box from the ceiling. As you pull the box from the ceiling, carefully remove the electrical wires from the box.

How do you replace a junction box?

Follow the National Electrical Code (NEC) when replacing a junction box. Turn the main breaker off in the panel box or, if you know which circuit is in the junction box, turn off the breaker to the circuit. Remove the cover from the junction box you are replacing. Remove all of the wire nuts from all of the connections.

How do you change a light fixture junction box?

Once you have replaced the work box, the light fixture is reinstalled. Turn off the power to the room with the electrical box at the main circuit breaker. Remove the cover and light bulb from the ceiling light. Remove the wire nuts from the connected wires.

Can you replace a ceiling light with a ceiling fan?

The best news: Replacing an existing light fixture with a fan is a simple, one-day task since the wiring is already in place. However—and this is very important—you can’t just hang the fan from the existing electrical box. It’s simply not strong enough to support the added weight and vibration of a fan.

How do you replace a recessed ceiling light?

Remove the Existing Ceiling Light Turn off the power to the ceiling light fixture first by turning off the light switch, then flipping off the circuit breaker. Return to your ceiling work area. Using a ladder, remove the dome or shade on the ceiling light, then remove all light bulbs.