How do you hold a backhand on a Frisbee?

Depending on which suits you better, either pinch grip the disc with the thumb of your dominant hand on top and the rest of your fingers on the bottom or put your index finger along the rim of the frisbee with three fingers on the bottom. Make sure your fingers are extended, not curled.


  1. Grip the Frisbee in your fist.
  2. Stand with your feet at a 90-degree angle to your target.
  3. Curl your wrist slightly back towards your body as you hold the Frisbee.
  4. Point the Frisbee at your target.
  5. Move your arm forward quickly.
  6. Release your Frisbee with the appropriate amount of power.

Secondly, can you hand off in Ultimate Frisbee? A stalling violation occurs when a player guarded by another player holds onto the Frisbee for ten seconds. If the Frisbee has not been released at the end of the count it is turned over to the defense at that point. There are not scrimmage lines or offsides in Ultimate Frisbee.

Considering this, what are the 3 types of throws in Ultimate Frisbee?

There are three types of throws that are mainly used in an Ultimate game; the backhand and forehand throws which are considered the basics, and the overhead throw, more commonly known as the hammer throw, which is considered to be more advanced.

Can a Frisbee come back to you?

yes, if you throw it at the right angle, it will go up, away from you, then right back.

What is another name for Frisbee?

Frisbee’s name is a spin-off from a defunct Connecticut bakery, Frisbie Pie Co. New England college students often tossed empty pie tins around for fun, a habit that led them to refer to the Pluto Platter as a “frisbie.”

Is Ultimate Frisbee good exercise?

Combine that with an overall energy expenditure of approximately 477kcal per match and it is clear that ultimate is an ideal exercise modality to meet a target of 400 kilocalories burned through exercise each day.

What are the 2 types of catches in Ultimate Frisbee?

There are two basic catching techniques that every Ultimate Frisbee player must master – the two-handed and one-handed catch. They are also very versatile with many styles. Pancake Catch. The most basic of the two-handed technique is the Pancake Catch. Crocodile Catch. Rim Catch. One-handed catch.

Why does my Frisbee wobble?

In a frisbee throw, wobble will be caused if the angle at which your wrist or fingers impart spin is not lined up with the orientation of the disc.

How do you aim a Frisbee?

Aim the Frisbee by extending it at shoulder height, at arm’s length, and toward the direction of your target. Note: Your index finger that is on the rim of the Frisbee should be pointing in the direction of your target. If it is, you’re in good shape.

What throw in Frisbee is thrown facing the target from the side of the body?

Forehand. The alternative to throwing a backhand, is a forehand (or flick). It allows you to throw the disc from the other side of your body (the same side as your throwing hand).