How do I contact a Navy sponsor?


To request a TR SPONSOR, please follow these THREE simple sets:

  1. E-mail the Command Sponsor Coordinator: [email protected] and/or [email protected]
  2. In the e-mail subject line type “Request a Sponsor”.
  3. Please copy and fill out the below required information and paste it into the e-mail: ·

One may also ask, what is command sponsorship Navy? Command sponsorship is the permission needed to have family members accompany you with full military benefits during your assignment overseas. If command sponsorship is not included in your original orders, you must make a request through your chain of command.

Simply so, what is a sponsor in the Navy?

The Role of a Sponsor. A Sponsor is named by the Secretary of the Navy. It is a great honor to be named the Sponsor of a United States Navy Ship or a ship that sails with the Navy supporting the fleet. The Sponsor’s role is an important one.

What is Navy Indoc?

Indoctrination Class. The Base INDOC class is mandatory training for active duty military. All active duty military must attend the first 2 days of INDOC class. Navy Pride and Professionalism (NP&P) training is required for Navy and Marines. SigSafe is required for active duty military members age 25 and under.

How long does command sponsorship take?

How long does the application take? The entire application process can take 3 weeks to 3 months, from completing the required forms and family EFMP screenings (and enrollments if needed) to the review of your completed application.

What is a military sponsor?

A sponsor is a friendly face to greet you and your family at your new location and is someone with personal experience and plenty of recommendations.

What is sponsorship test in merchant navy?

Sponsorship test. Some reputed shipping company organize Sponsorship Test and select candidates for Sponsorship. Basically “Sponsorship” is Job, Placement & Training assurance in WRITTEN given to a candidate who successfully clears all the phase of “Sponsorship Test” organized by the Approved Shipping company.

How can I check my command sponsorship status?

Track Your Command Sponsorship Request After logging in through AKO, use the number provided by MPD to track the status of your request.

What are unaccompanied orders?

What are Unaccompanied Orders? When a service member receives unaccompanied orders, it means that his or her family members are not listed on the orders and are not expected to accompany them to the next duty station. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

Is it hard to get command sponsorship in Korea?

It should be noted that everyone who applies for command sponsorship is not granted the privilege. This is in no way based on stats but more just my personal knowledge of people who have been in the situation – command sponsorship for Korea is one of the harder ones to obtain.

What is a command sponsored dependent?

A COMMAND-SPONSORED Dependent is a Dependent residing with a member at an OCONUS location at which an accompanied-by-dependents tour is authorized, the member is authorized to serve that tour, and who is authorized by the appropriate authority to be at the member’s Permanent Duty Station.

What is an all others tour?

Soldiers may elect an unaccompanied tour (“All Others Tour”) for family reasons or because Command Sponsorship of dependents is denied. Regardless, an All Others tour means dependents are not authorized to move overseas. This tour is a 24-month commitment.

What is command sponsorship Korea?

Command Sponsorship is a program that enables Soldiers to bring their Families to Korea to reside with them during their tour.

Is Korea an accompanied tour?

WASHINGTON — Soon U.S. service members deploying to South Korea may not be allowed to bring their families with them. An accompanied tour is when a service member’s family can accompany them, traveling at the military’s expense. In a statement, the Pentagon said that no change in policy is imminent.

How long are Oconus assignments?

1. Tour Length Establishment. The standard tour length for a DoD Service member stationed OCONUS is 36 months in an accompanied tour and 24 months in an unaccompanied, with the exceptions of Hawaii and Alaska, which are 36 months for either accompanied or unaccompanied tours.

Can you take your spouse to Korea?

When you decide to live in South Korea, you will need a SOFA Visa Stamp in your passport, so you may be allowed to stay with your spouse for the duration of their assignment. You will need a copy of your orders, military ID, and passport in order to receive it.