Does Jatoba hardwood change color?

Jatoba is another wood that will change color after it is milled. Initially the wood is quite light in color and over time it darkens into a deep red. The color change is pretty fast and freshly milled Jatoba can darken after an afternoon spent in the sun.

Jatoba. Color/Appearance: Heartwood varies from a light orangish brown to a darker reddish brown, sometimes with contrasting darker grayish brown streaks. Color tends darken upon exposure to light. Sapwood is a light grayish yellow, clearly demarcated from the heartwood.

Furthermore, does Brazilian cherry hardwood darken? Ultraviolet light from the sun causes the tannins in the Brazilian Cherry floors to darken over time. Most Cherry floors, American, Black, and Brazilian will darken when exposed to ultraviolet light. This problem is most often seen when area or throw rugs are put down to cover the flooring for extended periods of time.

Also Know, does Brazilian cherry wood change color?

Brazilian Cherry has a dramatic color change over time like domestic cherry. In a process known as oxidation, it changes from the mill-direct tan/salmon color to a deep, rich, reddish-brown color. The color change occurs in several days when exposed to direct sunlight.

Can you stain Jatoba?

If you want to apply a stain to your Jatoba hardwood floor, apply it with a brush or a clean microfibre rug. Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. Make sure that all your stain coats are dried well before applying the finish.

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Is Jatoba the same as Brazilian cherry?

Jatoba hardwood is actually more commonly referred to as Brazilian Cherry. The term “Brazilian Cherry” makes it sound quite exotic. It is often called this due to the richness of its burgundy color. However, this is somewhat of a misnomer because it’s not actually a cherry wood.

How much does Brazilian cherry hardwood cost?

Price Considerations Typical prices per square foot: Engineered wood: $6.20 per square foot. Prefinished: $5.50 per square foot. Unfinished: $4.75 to $5.00 per square foot.

How hard is Jatoba?

Jatoba is hard, heavy and dense (. 91 specific gravity) and with the combination of its beautiful color and hardness is a perfect flooring wood.

Is Brazilian cherry out of style?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Brazilian Cherry floors were extremely popular 8 to 10 years, but now these floors have become a bit dated as red floors are out of style, and often don’t match the rest of your hardwood flooring.

What does Jatoba mean?

Noun. jatoba (countable and uncountable, plural jatobas) Courbaril, a South American tree, Hymenaea courbaril. The wood of the courbaril tree, highly desirable for flooring and specialty uses because of its hardness.

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What color goes with Brazilian cherry wood?

Warm and Traditional In a warm traditional living room, gold, red, burgundy and green enhance your Brazilian cherry floor. These colors are often woven together in traditional and Persian area rugs, providing an instant color palette to play with. Select one hue as your dominant color and a couple as accents.

Can you change the color of cherry wood floors?

The answer is usually YES! Many homeowners don’t realize that you can change the color of hardwood flooring when you refinish your floors. Yes, it’s true…you can go light or dark or red tones or anywhere in between. Most are pleasantly surprised it doesn’t matter if you are going light to dark or vice versa.

Is Brazilian cherry hardwood floors expensive?

Brazilian cherry is one of the priciest types of hardwood floors to purchase and install. Weigh the cost of the product against the longevity though, because although more expensive at the outset, Brazilian cherry lasts a lot longer than the less expensive alternatives.

Can you stain cherry wood GREY?

For cherry that will be some tone of very thin blue. If you bleach first to get the wood as light as possible you will introduce some yellow into the color and will need to explore the violet shades. Make the stain very thin and apply slowly until you get gray. Then you can seal and tone to get an exact color match.

Is Brazilian cherry good for flooring?

Brazillian cherry is one of the most popular hardwood flooring materials on the market, and for good reason. Secondly, it’s one of the strongest, most durable hardwoods you can purchase, oak included. And, finally, Brazilian cherry is also considered a green building material because it can be sustainably harvested.

Can you stain Brazilian cherry hardwood floors?

Brazilian cherry can range from orange-brown to deep burgundy-red. The extremely hard wood can be difficult to cut, plane or nail. But with proper preparation, staining can enhance the wood’s rich tones and fine grain.