Does IPE decking need to be sealed?

Oiling, often referred to as sealing, your Ipe deck is not required. Ipe, like all other wood species, will weather to a silver/gray patina with prolong exposure to the Sun’s U.V. There are many problems surrounding initial prep and application of oil based UV inhibitors on dense hardwoods.

Our most popular are: Ipe Oil, Messmers UV Plus for Hardwoods, Defy Hardwood Stain, Penofin Exotic Wood Stain, and Armstrong Clark in Mahogany Color. The IPE will need to be prepped first by removing and dirt, grime, mold, etc. Best to use a wood deck cleaner.

Furthermore, how long will ipe decking last? 40 years

Consequently, do you need to treat ipe wood?

It’s also necessary to clean or sand Ipe wood surface a little before reapplying. Either bleach + water + detergent mixture, or special deck cleaners with a stiff brush go a long way. The key thing is not to harm the wood. Typically, a few hours twice a year will be enough.

What oil do you use on IPE decking?

What are the Best IPE Stains

Messmers IPE Oil
Fade Lightly (Not Darken) 3 3
Not Prone to Peeling 5 5
Clean and Re-coat Ability 4 4
UV Protection (Retaining Color) 3 4

How long does it take IPE oil to dry?

Dry the deck for up to 48 hours. The wood needs to dry fully before it can absorb the oil. This will take at least 1 day, although you should wait 2 days to make sure. Check that the wood is dry to the touch before you continue. Wet wood leads to water stains underneath the oil, so wait for the deck to dry completely.

Does IPE need to be stained?

No, you do not need to stain Ipe. However, if you want it to stay brown, red and dark you will need to apply a U.V. Coating. We recommend for maintaining this color that you use Messemers U.V.

How do you care for ipe wood?

If the furniture goes without any care for over a year, you will probably have to sand down the Ipe to get back more of the color. You should clean the Ipe first with warm soapy water (dish soap will work) and then hose down the Ipe until the water runs clear of soap (let the Ipe completely dry).

How do you prepare IPE oil?

Lightly pressure wash or scrub the surface with a stiff brush. This removes any dirt, grime, and graying. Repeat the cleaning process for stubborn areas then rinse thoroughly. After cleaning Ipe, use the wood brightener (step 2) to restore the wood’s color and help open pores.

Should I sand my ipe deck?

A. You don’t need (or want) to wash new ipe prior to finishing it. Usually all we do is give it a quick sanding using 80-grit paper, which removes any mill glaze (the soft sheen on the faces of the boards from the cutters of the planer they were passed through) and preps the surface for a finish.

Can you pressure wash IPE decking?

The jury is out on pressure-washing your Ipe. Some experts say it’s harmful, while others advise it’s okay. If you choose to pressure wash the deck, make sure the setting is no higher than 1200psi. Take care when sanding: Ipe contains silica, so use a respirator and gloves to prevent inhaling and absorbing the dust.

Can you paint ipe wood deck?

Besides being hard, ipe is an oily wood, and any type of finish that forms a film, such as varnish or polyurethane, will begin to peel and flake soon after you apply it. Consequently, the best way to finish ipe is to brush on a light coat of oil with a paintbrush and wipe off the excess almost immediately.

Does ipe wood crack?

The good news is, Ipe is hardier than cedar or redwood. If the Ipe moves from a humid area to an arid one, it may dry too fast. Rapid moisture loss in any wood will cause surface cracks and separation.

What is IPE decking made of?

Also called Brazilian walnut, ipe (pronounced ee-pay) wood is typically found in South America and some parts of Central America. It is one of the densest hardwoods available, three times harder than cedar.

How do you cut IPE decking?

Of course Ipe wood decking is hard to cut, that’s why deck builders and other construction professionals use carbide saw blades when cutting Ipe wood. Carbide saw blades will give you a good clean cut through Ipe wood, quickly, safely and repetitively.