Does Harbor Freight sell hardware?

Harbor Freight carries a broad selection of basic fasteners such as screws, nuts, bolts, washers, hinges, nails, staples and cleats. You can also get hard-to-find hardware items such as rivets, springs, grommets, and O-rings.

One of the more reliable brands carried by Harbor Freight, Pittsburgh tools aren’t the cheapest in the store, but they’re often the best bang for the buck. With quality metal that won’t chip or break easily, and a hand-friendly design, this wrench set is worth checking out.

Similarly, does Harbor Freight sell paint? Harbor Freight offers incredible value in painting supplies, including: drop cloths, brushers, rollers, sanding supplies, tape and clean-up supplies. Harbor Freight has a great selection of paint sprayers that can save you hours of work.

Then, is Harbor Freight closing down?

Harbor Freight Tools is shutting down its Camarillo distribution center, resulting in the loss of 51 jobs. Harbor Freight was founded in 1977 by Eric Smidt, the current chief executive, and his father, Allan Smidt. The company has about 900 stores in 47 states and employs more than 17,000 workers in the United States.

Does Harbor Freight sell hinges?

Hinges & Latches – Harbor Freight Tools.

What should I not buy at Harbor Freight?

But we’re here to tell you that not everything from Harbor Freight is gold. 27 Do’s and Don’ts of Harbor Freight Tools Jack Stands | DO. Floor Jacks | DON’T. Reciprocating Saws | DO. Saw Blades | DON’T. Magnetic Wall Hangers | DO. Tool Boxes | DON’T. Tool Carts |DO. Welders | DON’T.

Why are Harbor Freight tools so cheap?

The reason they’re so cheap is that Harbor Freight tools are made — mostly in China — of a kind of bargain plastic that sublimates directly from solid to a gas, like dry ice, losing their mass year after year in a pungent waft of formaldehyde and pickled sea cucumber.

Is Harbor Freight cheaper than Home Depot?

Okay I will tell you that. Harbor freight will sell a lot of items that is similar to Lowe’s. Harbor freight merchandise is a whole lot cheaper than Lows, especially in quality. Harbor freight is known for their cheep prices but then again you get what you pay for.

Are Harbor Freight Tools worth buying?

The answer is not so simple… Some of Harbor Freight’s tools are not even worth the dirt-cheap price they’re sold for. Other Harbor Freight tools are really decent tools that are worth buying. Stick around, and I’ll show you the best Harbor Freight tools for your money.

Can you return used tools to Harbor Freight?

RETURNING ITEMS PURCHASED IN STORE If for any reason you are not satisfied with an item purchased from Harbor Freight Tools, you may return the product within 90 days for a full refund or replacement, whichever you prefer. The limited warranty term is 90-day beginning on the date of invoice.

Are Harbor Freight clamps any good?

Harbor Freight Aluminum Bar Clamp. These clamps are very handy when clamping boards edge to edge to make wide panels. In addition, they are excellent for holding workpieces in some planning situations, especially when you don’t have bench dogs and other jigs.

Are Pittsburgh Tools good quality?

It offers tools like wrenches, ratchets and most other automotive hand tools. Harbor Freight offers high-end quality tools for mechanics. The Pittsburgh line is mainly known for providing hand tools at a cheap rate. As a result, tools from Pittsburgh are considered as the best tools for a new professional mechanic.

Where are snap on tools made?

Snap-on inc, operates plants in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Elizabethton, Tennessee, and Elkmont, Alabama. Pneumatic and cordless tools are manufactured in Murphy, North Carolina. Wheel Balancers and tire changers are produced in Conway, Arkansas. Torque products are made and assembled in City of Industry, California.

Can you stack coupons at Harbor Freight?

Also you can’t stack two coupons, but you can have the website price matched, then add the usual percent off coupon. OOOh, NO, my neighbor has that box, ha ha, not such a good deal! You can get alot of good things at Harbor Freight, but that toolbox is not one of them.

Does Harbor Freight honor expired coupons?

The Harbor Freight website states that all coupons must have a valid barcode and expiration date. In my experiences this is not true.

Do Harbor Freight employees get a discount?

We offer a 20% discount to our associates and their immediate family that can be used on all regular and sale-priced items. We also have special events for family and friends of our associates to get exclusive discounts! Thanks for shopping at Harbor Freight.

Why does Harbor Freight ask for phone number?

When you return previously purchased merchandise or request a refund or exchange, you may be asked to give your name, address, telephone number and provide other information that identifies you, such as your driver’s license. Harbor Freight collects this information to help prevent fraud.

Will Harbor Freight scan coupons from phone?

Instant Coupon If you ever get to Harbor Freight and realize you left your discount coupon at home, just grab your phone and text TOOLS to 222377, and you’ll get a 20% coupon sent to your phone immediately.

Does Harbor Freight take returns without receipt?

Re: Harbor Freight – New Return Policy! Not sure what it says on a receipt, but here is what it says online. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any item purchased, you may return the product within 90 days for a full refund or replacement, whichever you prefer.